Kitty, there’s snow (and adventure) outside

Erin Verplaetse snuggling cat on snowy day
Erin Verplaetse snuggles her cat Quandary on a snowy day in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo: Cody Wellons)

When given the opportunity to venture out into the snow, most kitties will turn back around and curl up on the couch. But not the adventure cats.

Below, check out some meownificent photos of fearless felines braving a snow day.

However, please keep in mind that just as you can get cold being outside in the snow, so can your kitty. Always supervise your cat, and don’t take him or her out if you’re uncomfortable in the temperature.

And if you have a feral cat population in your wintry neighborhood, here’s what to do.

Shade the cat by snowy mountain

Shade is looking picture purrfect in this sweater. (Photo: Alyse-Beth Avery)

cat wearing winter coat

Waffles knows it’s impurrtant to bundle up. (Photo: Karen Nguyen/Instagram)


Pirate enjoys the snowy view in Manitou Springs, Colorado. (Photo: Cody Wellons)

Scraggles takes the lead in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo: Cara Christiansen/Instagram)

Scraggles takes the lead in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo: Cara Christiansen/Instagram)

cat walking on leash in snow

Adventure kitties are all-weather kitties. (Photo: Clara S./flickr)

cat in harness sitting outside cabin

Weather like this makes Bolt appreciate his fur coat. (Photo: boltandkeel/Instagram)

black cat hiking in snow

This snow stuff isn’t so bad. (Photo: Michelle Naranjo)

couple hiking with cat in snow

Hiking in this meownificent scenery gives everyone something to smile about. (Photo: otiesadventures/Instagram)

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cat playing in snow

Diggory thinks this white stuff is pawsome. (Photo: Erin Samel/Instagram)

alaska-adventure-cat (5 of 46)

Emma Deans is one of the most fearless felines in the 49th state. (Photo: Nicole Gaunt/Instagram)

Yuki cat in snow

Yuki thinks even icy playgrounds are fun. (Photo: Nathalia Valderrama Méndez/Instagram)

cat in harness in snow

The adorable Starlord says the powder is purrfection. (Photo: Savannah Hollis/Instagram)

man holding cat in snow

Daniel Heagney snuggles his kitty — who’s aptly named Kitty. (Photo: Katie Campbell/Instagram)

Jesper Adventure Cats (2 of 9)

Jesper is one of the few kitties who accompanies his hooman on skis. (Photo: Jesperpusen)

Floyd the lion in snow

Floyd says he’s used to snow after living in Colorado. (Photo: floythelion/Instagram)

kitten in front of snowy Boulder mountains

Quandary looks meownificent in front of Colorado’s snowy Flatirons. (Photo: Cody Wellons)

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kitten hiking in snowy area

Simon says snowy hikes aren’t so bad. (Photo: simon_the_savannah)

Mowgli the cat in snow

Mowgli enjoys a good snowy walk. (Photo: insta_mowgs/Instagram)


Fernand is accustomed to snowy hikes — and they look great with his winter coat. (Photo: sasssyspinach/Instagram)

Casper the cat in snow

Gorgeous Casper blends right in with the snowy surroundings. (Photo: adventures_with_casper/Instagram)

kitty walking in snow

The meowjestic Ruger looks right at home in the snow. (Photo: Kim Randolph)

cat with dogs in snow

Squad goals. (Photo: Kasey Boggs/Instagram)

Shade the cat in snow

Shade the “crag kitty” is on the purr-owl. (Photo: Shadethecat00/Instagram)

kitty hiking in snow

Bolt has miles to go before his catnap. (Photo: boltandkeel/Instagram)

kitten hiking snow

Fawkes says the best part of a snowy stroll… (Photo: Krista Black)

kitten snuggled in snow

…is getting all warm and snuggly afterward. (Photo: fantastic_fawkes, Krista Black/Instagram)