8 best apps for adventure cat owners

Red Cross pet first-aid app

Exploring the great outdoors has never been easier thanks to our smartphones. From first-aid to national park maps, nearly everything you need for an adventure is right in the palm of your hand. Whether you want a panoramic view of the mountains or need to determine if that plant Mittens ate is fatal, we’ve got you covered.

1. Red Cross Pet First Aid App – (Android: free, iOS: free)

First-aid information is crucial when adventuring with your cat. The Red Cross has a fantastic app with step-by-step instructions to take you through a variety emergencies, as well as medication advice and customizable pet profiles. If you need first-aid assistance, the app uses a combination of photos, videos and text to walk you through countless scenarios, including CPR.


2. BootPrint Survival App – (iOS: $0.99)

Never get lost again! If you and Mittens find yourselves with all trees and no cell service, BootPrint will lead you back to your last location. It uses minimal battery power to search for cell towers while you’re out adventuring.

Bootprint app

3. Chimani National Parks Apps – (Android: free, iOS: free)

Chimani brings national parks to your device. It has more than a dozen apps for individual parks, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton, that include descriptions of park features, trails, amenities, audio tours and sunrise/sunset times. The apps work with or without WiFi or data signals, making your trek through the parks a breeze.

Chimani parks app

4. Wild Edibles – (Android: $7.99, iOS: $7.99)

Diving into nature runs the risk of eating something your kitten shouldn’t. “Wildman” Steve Brill has you covered with his highly detailed app, illustrated and photographed for optimal identification. Wild Edibles boasts more than 200 major edibles and 65 lookalikes.

Wild Edibles app

5. Google Earth – (Android: free, iOS: free)

Google Earth gives you a bird’s-eye view of wherever the outdoorsy travel bug may take you with striking 3-D imagery and elevation notes. Scope out future hiking sites, or find a path to the nearest waterfall. A cell signal is required, but you can save areas in an offline mode to reference later.

Google Earth app

6. MotionX GPS – (iOS: $1.99)

Get topographical maps, which can be downloaded ahead of time, to plan your hikes, save waypoints and utilize a fabulous compass. This app also has the capability to record tracks, distance and speed.

MotionX GPS app

7. SAS Survival Guide – (Android: free, iOS: free)

Former British special forces soldier and instructor John Wiseman’s 400-page book has been converted into an easy-to-use app. A full text of his book is included, along with survival-tip videos, photo galleries of edible plants, a Morse code signalling device, extreme climate survival tips and much more. Know what you’re getting into before you take your adventure cat into the snow, by the sea or into the muggy tropics.

SAS survival guide app

8. Wunderlist (Android: free, iOS: free)

In a market with ample backpacker apps, sometimes simple is best. Create multiple lists and share them with everyone in your party. Keep track of packing lists, trails to hike, other kittens to bring along on the next great adventure, or a growing list of places Mittens is most comfortable.

Wunderlist app