Why cats are the ultimate Pokemon hunters

leashed cat sniffing Pikachu
Pikacuh, I sees u. (Photo: Cody Wellons)

Are you determined to catch ’em all? Do you yearn to be the very best like no one ever was? Then you better have an adventure cat.

With their superior vision and an ability to hear even better than dogs, felines can easily track even the most elusive Pokémon. And a leash-trained adventure cat can help you capture those adorable little monsters both indoors and out.

But not only are cats far superior trackers and hunters, they also know a thing or two about playing to win. Need proof? Just take a look at what these wise and whiskered Pokémon hunters can do.

Cats know to pounce on Pidgeys.

We know you’re tired of stumbling across all those Pidgeys. After all, there are about as many Pidgeys on your street as there are cat hairs on your pants right now.

white cat with Pidgey

Not movin till u capchur dis Pidgey, hooman. (Photo: Christina Simmons)

But there’s a reason adventure cats sniff out every Pidgey in a 5-mile radius: Pidgey grinding. So leave the strategy to your cat and just catch what he leads you to.

black cat with Pidgey

Dis iz y I told u to saev ur Lucky Eggs. (Photo: Michelle Eriksson)

Cats know how to find other cats.

Felines are a territorial species, so if you think they’re going to allow Meowths to run around the hood like they own the place, think again. Adventure cats will hunt those suckers down, so be ready to throw that Poké Ball before the hissing starts.

leashed cats hunting Pokemon

Dis sidewalk isnt hooj enough 4 all ov us. (Photo: BaxBellaBoo)

Cats are adept at sniffing out seafood.

If you’ve ever opened a can of tuna in the house, you know what we’re talking about, so use your kitty’s sniffer to your Pokémon-hunting advantage.

cat with magicarp

Dis fish iz hooj! (Photo: Tupacthebengalcat)

cat with horsea pokemon

Hooman, catch mah dinner an bring it inside. (Photo: Tupacthebengalcat)

Cats also know when to aid in the attack…

cat with sandshrew Pokemon

U dont scaer meh. U jus a tiny yellow dog standing on hind legz. (Photo: Tupcathebengalcat)

And when to play it safe.

kitten with Spearow Pokemon

Dat iz hooj bird an im lil kitteh. Srsly noep. (Photo: Kailey Downing)

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