Simba and Shade: Partners in Adventure

Gray cat licks orange cat
Shade grooms her brother Simba in the grass.

There’s nothing like a little brother to make an adventure exciting! That much was clear when the Adventure Cats crew met up with Alyse Avery and two of her cats for a sunny hike in north Georgia.

Shade the cat peeks out of her carrier

Shade the cat is ready for adventure.

From the moment Shade the crag kitty peeked her head out of her carrier, we knew we were in for a fun afternoon.

Orange cat walks on leash

Simba is a pro at walking on a leash.

As soon as the leash was on, little Simba took off at a steady pace, and we scrambled to keep up.

Shade the cat on a leash

Shade looks back at her mom, ready to go forth and adventure!

With a glance back at mom, Shade was ready to go, too.

Shade the cat and her brother Simba go walking on leashes

Shade and her brother Simba are best hiking buddies.

It was immediately clear that these two cats get along well even though they hadn’t known each other very long.

Avery had adopted Simba only a few months ago, not long after her ginger cat, Noaa, passed away.

“Noaa was so beautiful and spunky that I could not imagine another day without an orange tabby cat,” Avery told Adventure Cats. “I found someone on Craigslist who was rehoming their 7-month-old orange tabby mix. We picked Simba up and brought him home, and we could not picture our lives without him now. He and Shade love each other and have paired well together.”

Shade the cat looks off to the side

Shade scopes out the trail.

And during our adventure, we saw firsthand that these two feline siblings not only love each other — they also love to explore.

Simba the cat walks on a leash

As soon as he hits the trail, Simba is ready to go.

Cat gets ready to pounce

King of the Jungle! Simba gets ready to pounce.

Cat mews

Shade has a lot to say. Meow!

Shade the cat on a hike

Shade curiously checks out her surroundings.

But before long, it was time for a rest.

Two cats sit in the grass

Simba and Shade take a break out of the sun.

Gray cat licks orange cat

Sisterly love: Shade gives Simba some sweet kisses in the grass.

Break time is an opportune moment for a grooming session.

Orange cat licks gray cat

Brotherly love: Simba gives Shade a kiss on the cheek.

Simba the cat is off the trail

Simba loves to explore everything — even when it’s not on the trail.

With so much sunshine, these cats needed to stay hydrated.

Shade takes a drink of water

Avery holds out her hand to encourage Shade to drink some water. After all, Mom knows best.

Cats Shade and Simba lounge in the grass

Shade and Simba don’t miss a thing.

When resting time is over, it was time to head back.

Two cats on leashes walk beside each other

Two peas in a pod: Simba and Shade walk side-by-side on a sunny Georgia afternoon.

Another adventure in the books – and one of many more to come for these siblings!

All photos taken by Anna Norris

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