Watch a blind cat climb a mountain

Stevie blind cat
Stevie proves you don't need eyesight to enjoy the great outdoors.

Older cats and cats with disabilities are often overlooked at shelters, but Stevie, an older, blind cat from Ireland, proves that neither youth nor vision are necessary to live the life of an adventure cat.

Patrick Corr adopted Stevie from a vet three years ago. The Animal Care Society of Cork was paying for the feline’s stay, but Stevie needed a forever home.

“I wasn’t even looking to adopt a cat, but when I heard she badly needed a home, I couldn’t resist,” Corr wrote on Imgur.

Sharing his home with a blind cat required some adjustments, but Corr did what he could to ensure Stevie would be safe and comfortable.

“I can’t move furniture around or she’ll bump into them, and I have to keep her litter box and food bowl in the same place at all times. She learns amazingly fast though.”

But just because Stevie is blind doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to explore the world outside her home.

Earlier this year, Corr took Stevie on a hike in the Comeragh Mountains and captured the experience on film. In the heartwarming video above, he shares Stevie’s story, along with the important life lessons his feline friend has taught him.

“She changed my life forever,” he said. “I wasn’t really a cat person either until I met her.”


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