From Russia with paws

Nona, a 2-year-old Scottish Straight from Central Russia, is quite possibly one of the most photogenic felines in the world.

Adopted by Roman Stepushin when she was just 3 months old, Nona accompanies her owners virtually everywhere, from hiking and camping to swimming and boating.

“She travel[ed] from childhood,” Stepushin said. “The first time we took her on a trip to the lake for a picnic. She loved to play outdoors. She swam with us on the boat. Now, she rolls around with us everywhere.”

Stepushin describes Nona as a beautiful, loyal and affectionate cat, but while she loves their adventures together, Roman admits that he worries about his feline friend.

“While walking and traveling, we are very much afraid that something [is going] to happen. For example, a snake bite or a bee, or [that] she’d simply run away from us. The only precaution that we take is vigilance. We are always on the alert when Nona is outdoors.”

So far, Nona hasn’t ventured outside of Russia, but Stepushin says they have big plans to explore nature in other countries.

When asked what advice he would give to other cat owners, Stepushin said, “We would like to wish all people to be much kinder to their pets and often take them into the air, giving more freedom,” noting that this is how to “make their lives more diverse.”

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of Nona’s incredible Russian adventures, and follow her on Instagram for more gorgeous photos.

All photos are courtesy of Roman Stepushin.