Blind cat looks for the ‘purrfect’ pumpkin

When you’re searching for the “purrfect” pumpkin, Honey Bee knows that you can’t rely on sight alone. That’s why the blind Seattle kitty accompanied her owners, Sabrina and Jonathan Ursin, to a local pumpkin patch and used her nose and paws to investigate the season’s squash selection.

While Honey Bee is now accustomed Pacific Northwest autumns, she was actually born thousands of miles away in the island country of Fiji, where she was born with two deformed eyes that had to be surgically removed.

Sabrina met Honey Bee while volunteering at a Fiji animal shelter, and she fell in love with the courageous kitty who was accustomed to venturing outside to explore her island home.

When Sabrina went back to the U.S., she took Honey Bee with her, and because it wouldn’t be safe for a cat to roam Seattle on her own, Sabrina trained Honey Bee to walk on a leash. Now, the blind kitty spends her days hiking in the Washington “meowntains” and sharing her adventures with her thousands of Facebook fans.