‘Take Your Cat on an Adventure’ Day

Adventure Cats has teamed up with Purina Pro Plan to proclaim June 15 National “Take Your Cat On An Adventure” Day. We want to encourage all cat owners to create safe outdoor experiences for their cats โ€” or interactive indoor experiences โ€” and to share photos of their adventures on Instagram using #MyGreatCat for a chance to win a year’s supply of Purina Pro Plan cat food!

To participate in the #MyGreatCat Adventure Photo Contest:

  1. Take a photo of your cat on an adventure.
  2. Share the photo on Instagram between Wednesday, June 15, and Wednesday, June 22, and make sure to add the hashtag #MyGreatCat in the caption.
  3. The winning photo will be announced on or before Wednesday, July 20.


Click here to view the official contest rules.

Cats are social animals, as well as predators that arenโ€™t that far removed from their wild ancestors, so they require enrichment activities that allow them to express their true nature. Venturing into the great outdoors with a leash-trained kitty is a “purrfect” way to allow your cat to enjoy the sights, scents and sounds of nature.

However some cats may never become comfortable on a leash due to age, personality or lifestyle. But even cat owners who canโ€™t venture outdoors can still participate on June 15 by bringing the adventure inside.

Regardless of whether your kitty adventures indoors or out, we want to see your photos! And you have whole week to share your adventure photo for a chance to win.